About us

Welcome again to our website car hire TANEX.

In 2015 we prepared a lot of news , and we renew our fleet of rental cars in Trnava. Because we know what our clients need , and this year we expanded the fleet hire a new supply of 3.5 tons , new cars and 7-9 local minibuses . Come, see and book car rental on vacation in advance.

Attentive staff, our car rental in Trnava is available to you 7 days a week - +421 918 988 444
(for english +421907 730 001)

Car rental TANEX in Trnava is a company focused on the provision of short-term and long-term cars rental.

In the field of renting cars, luxury cars Mercedes, VW and BMW and multi-site car rental and delivery vans, minibuses, has been operating since 1993. In our fleet you can borrow or rent cars of all classes. Available on the loan for you we have cars of different brands provide you with the cheapest car rental vans and minibuses, vans and 9 local car rental on vacation also recommend to any vehicle can provide convenient operating leases.

The philosophy of car rental TANEX in Trnava rental cars and vehicles of all categories. As the only car hire in Trnava, we focus on the loan or lease supplies to 3,5 t, mostly to the Fiat Ducato - because TANEX is a car dealer Fiat and Fiat Professional in Trnava with more than 20-year history.

Our customers can borrow or rent supply different size and capacity.

We also want to give you the level of service, so that our clients themselves have found that hire Trnava TANEX partner for them, the service will use in the future. Our priority is client willingness on our part and trying to do the maximum satisfaction of our clients is our priority. If you previously did not use the services of our company, car rental TANEX Trnava is a reliable partner for you.

The company TANEX Trnava will also provide the most suitable operating leases on any vehicle from our offer.

To ensure our services in a car only new and quality cars with low mileage that are regularly inspected by qualified service TANEX Trnava. Even the lowest class of our vehicles are equipped to provide you with a comfortable and safe ride. All vehicles in our car rental TANEX in Trnava are insured for accidentally and legally, the price of renting includes complete insurance in the European Union, according to season tires, motorway sticker in the Slovak Republic, all of this is when you rent a car hire TANEX Trnava course. Our car hire Trnava TANEX only car stop outside anywhere so you can rent a car at your address, or to one of the airports, including Austrian Schwechat offers.

n the event that you look for the cheapest car rental or what you need to rent a car at the best opportunity, for example. Loan passenger car on a trip, or rent a car or hire a multisite, or you are interested in renting a minibus / minibus (car 6-9 seater car, minibus, van) for convenient and safe way to leave or are interested in the cheapest car / cheapest rental supplies for moving or transporting large loads, use our car rental services in Trnava. We will provide you the best car rental with driver, cheapest car minibuses, vans or multi-site car with a driver for weddings, parties, and other events.

In case you decide to rent or lease a car from our fleet, we offer our clients an easy way online booking so that you could book the vehicle in time. All your questions and uncertainties concerning the hiring and renting a car will always be happy to answer via email or phone numbers, or directly in the areas of our society, rental TANEX Trnava, Nitra cesta 25, Trnava. Not finding a classic car rental? TANEX Trnava provide you with convenient operating leases.